Spin and stop

Now I have been called a lot of things in my life and as hard as this may be to believe not all of them have been complimentary. Several of my former school teachers, friends, enemies, family members, casual acquaintances and random members of the public have gone to colourful lengths to best verbalise my character. I would like to say that I have a thick skin and those barbs on my character slide off me with such speed and fluidity as to suggest that my muscle, bones and organs are encased in some space age polymer. So, I have a thick skin and those barbs on my characters slide off me with such speed and fluidity to suggest that my muscle, bones and organs are encased in some space age polymer.

One thing I have never minded being called is cynical, whether this is a healthy mindset to have or not is moot; this is how I am. As George Bernard Shaw once said “The power of accurate observation is often mistaken for cynicism by those who do not have it” then again he maintained an interest in eugenics throughout his life which would make anyone cynical about his views.

I was not always like this; there was a time when I marvelled at the trickery of special effects. I remember being wowed by special effects when I was a kid, wondering, how they did that rolling boulder in Indian Jones or the ring shaped space station in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but in truth I really did not want to know. Unfortunately watching a documentary about Kubrick, I learned how he pulled off some of his tricks. This revelation was followed by thinking “oh that was clever” but this was quickly followed by the feeling that I have been cheated out of a sense of wonderment. Now I go to the cinema to see some special effects blockbuster and frankly I am bored and unimpressed because I just think of some programmer sat at a computer punching in code. The last piece of trickery I saw that that made me sit up was the zero gravity fight scene in Inception. We are all so jaded, although the prospect of watching two giant intergalactic robots duke it out should bore anyone over the age of 14. Fear not though there are no shortages of examples of people trying to pull the wool over our eyes on a daily basis.

The phenomenal success of the Kony 2012 campaign by the “invisible children” group is a fascinating example of the power of a piece of slick manipulative propaganda. It has been superbly exposed by Charlie Brooker, as the possibly dangerous meanderings of a quasi fascist evangelical group advocating military action in central Africa.


Someone might want to run this by the current owners of Central Africa: China. It is an internet phenomenon, although that phrase has been some what tempered by the success of piano playing cats and doped up children, clocking up over 70 million hits at the most recent count. There is no doubt that at this moment there are millions being flooded into the coffers of this organisation with roughly 70% of it being poured into the organisation and 30% heading to Africa.

Perhaps what is more worrying than a private organisation turning out slick propaganda for their own financial and ideological aims, is state sponsored propaganda. During the days of the Soviet Union, Pravda produced reams of propaganda to assure their citizens that the path of communist solidarity was virtuous and successful. State sponsored lies that illuminate a lack of respect of those living the harsh realities on the ground. This proud tradition is continued to Russia today. Only in the past week there is an article in the Guardian about the reality of Vladimir Putin’s encounter with an endangered amur tiger (www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/mar/15/putin-tiger-pr-stunt) .The tiger was driven in from a zoo several hundred kilometres away and told to get into character as an endangered wild animal, for a photo op with the Russian president. During which Vladimir shot the beast with more tranquilizer, fitted him with radio collar and gave the tiger a loving kiss. Tragically the tiger died on the return trip to the zoo due to the fact that it had been administered 3 times the recommended dose of tranquilizer. Vladimir Putin’s seemingly never ending reign, President to Prime Minister to President to Supreme and Gracious Leader, is a veritable cornucopia of highly stylised photo ops. Stripped to the waist arm wrestling a bear or taking down an eagle with a Judo chop, the diminutive former KGB man has done it all in an effort to reinforce his image as the walking embodiment of machismo; but is anybody buying this anymore. The lengths that Putin has gone to recently to steal another election, the amount of imprisoned journalists and political rivals in Russia suggests the many people see through this flimsy charade.

Our own politicians here in Ireland only this week cancelled a photo op where the respective departments would brandish gold stars making their achievements during their brief tenure in power. From a quick glance this seems to amount to doing what they are told by the Troika and blaming the rest of the problems on the last shower of chancers and ne’er do-wellers that sat in power. Our government is at pains to tell us of the drain on the nation’s resources that is benefit fraud and is encouraging us to be vigilant and to report any possible fraud. (www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/frontpage/2012/0216/1224311854911.html) This is what our friends in the political game call a “bait and switch”, you get everyone suspicious of their neighbours and distract them from the people who are really selling us down the river.

It is a worrying trend as we see more and more right wing governments coming to power that it seems to be perfectly acceptable to poke fun and laugh at the lower rungs of society. Whether it is My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Tallafornia, Geordie Shore or this particularly tasteless number from Paddy Power bookmakers(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu5Q86V8lT4&oref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fresults%3Fsearch_query%3Dpaddy%2Bpower%2Bchav), there seems to be a willingness to sneer at cartoonish representations of the lower rungs of society and portray them all so thieving layabouts with an inability to control their base urges. I guess it is supposed to ease our guilt about the savage cuts to public services that will have genuinely tragic consequences on those who rely on them the most.

I firmly believe that a healthy dose of cynicism is essential to getting through this life. Now even more so than ever, the ruling elites have nearly had the rug pulled out from underneath them and the 99% are rumbling. The internet and social media can create and destroy stars and causes in the flash of an eye. Who is to know if someone is being straight with you anymore? (Apart from me of course)


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4 responses to “Spin and stop”

  1. ryanyllek says :

    Well said. This is a particularly provocative topic and one which hopefully you will delve into further. Propaganda is an amazing process.

    I think you’ve hit upon an important point also in drawing the parallel between the “Invisible Children” campaign and state campaigns – it just goes to show how most governments are not truly of or for “the people”. They are, like Invisible Children, and as we have seen recently from the Mahon Tribunal, a private crew. What we think is democracy is, in fact, a sham.

    • finishedatlast says :

      It is the lack of transparency and accountability that has allowed this culture to permeate political life. The cadre of politicans, bankers and developers that were responsible for selling this country down the river still exists. A few of the faces may have changed but the culture remains. Look at the blinding arrogance and ignorance of our current government charging a blanket 100€ property tax on the population whilst exempting themselves. The bare necked cheek of the likes of Ahern and Flynn collecting sizeable pensions despite years of corruption. It is the sense of entitlement that these characters exude which I can only imagine is a result of the hereditary democracy which has been developing in this country since before the foundation of the republic. Incestous dynasties who seem cut off from reality.
      The thought of them voting in legislation that would open up the processes to scrutiny is as about as likely as turkeys voting for christmas.

  2. docconcoct says :

    It’s frightening how spin and propaganda is still being utilised without much dissent from the media in the West or from the electorate. Only today did David Cameron speak to the media boldly stating that the undercover footage of his party’s treasurer Peter Cruddas apparently offering access to the PM for cash was “…completely unacceptable.” while claiming “This is not the way we raise money in the Conservative Party. It shouldn’t have happened.”.

    Well, whether he was aware of it or not – that’s a whole other debate – it is clearly exactly how money was being raised for the party and for him to stand there and claim otherwise is disingenuous at best and a boldfaced lie at worst. This question always comes to mind with most politicians: Who do you think you are kidding? We’ve all seen the video footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34qZfi-ZBAc

    I’m with you finishedatlast, a healthy dose of cynicism should not be frowned upon and perhaps should be encouraged from an early age.

  3. sxdpimqxpi@gmail.com says :

    For instance, major music stores like iTunes are not available in Asia and US TV networks which let viewers see programmes on their website don’t make such programmes available to viewers outside the US. This is even if people are willing to pay to download or see the content.. Isn’t an online store or channel where content is legitimately distributed globally possible?. If the government is responsible for restricting distribution, which government are we talking about? The government in the country where the content is produced or the government in the country where the content is to be imported to?.

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